Bath gets $8K back from IRS

Mary Perham
Municipal Building, Bath.

An internal audit by Bath Village Clerk Nonie Flynn has returned $8,757 to village coffers.

According to an internal memo, Flynn recently notified trustees she refiled the village’s 2008 tax reports to the Internal Revenue Service because the totals on three reports did not match. The IRS confirmed Flynn’s findings, which showed the village had overpaid its taxes in three quarters by $8,757.

Flynn told trustees the IRS has refunded the amount to the village.

Penalties for failure to file the reports properly totaled more than $2,300 but were waived after a meeting with an IRS examining officer, Flynn said.

Kelly Guthrie, the village clerk in 2008, was heavily criticized in a state audit issued in December 2010. The state comptroller’s office reported Guthrie left the office in disarray with financial data piled haphazardly in a corner. Guthrie abruptly resigned in August 2009, after village officials charged she was incompetent.

The comptroller also reported Guthrie issued herself 14 extra payroll checks totaling $11,544. In January 2011, Guthrie pleaded guilty to Class A misdemeanor charges of petit larceny.

Guthrie has repaid the amount she admitted stealing from village taxpayers, Flynn said.