Local property transactions for The Courier's Jan. 22 issue

Staff reports

Real estate transactions filed in the Steuben County Clerk’s Office for December 19 through December 30, 2011.


• Audrey Saltsman, Gary L. Saltsman and Connie M. Spears to Thomas S. Parsels on Dec. 21 for $79,900.

• Audrey Saltsman, Gary L. Saltsman and Connie M. Spears to Gary L. Saltsman on Dec. 21.

• Pamela D. Schoonmaker and Theodore J. Schoonmaker to Duncan K. Finlayson on Dec. 21 for $95,000.

• Pamela D. Schoonmaker and Theodore J. Schoonmaker to Donald N. Macdougal Jr. on Dec. 21.

• Jennifer B. West to Gregory J. Carian Jr. on Dec. 22 for $82,000.


• Scott J. Andrews and Stephanie L. Andrews to Danl Hoad Sr. on Dec. 22 for $70,000.

• Irma H. Benedek to William D. Fiske on Dec. 21.

• K & J Ventures LLC to Rental Solution Ventures Corp. on Dec. 22 for $142,000.

• Walter B. Longwell to Nathan J. Longwell on Dec. 22 for $76,500.

• Jewel Richings EST to Irma H. Benedek on Dec. 20 for $41,800.

• Elizabeth Anderson, Elizabeth I. Anderson and Edward A. Kuhnen DEC to Holland American Motel LTD on Dec. 28.

• Beneficial Homeowner Service Corporation to Chad Hojnoski on Dec. 30 for $95,000.

• Molly Billings and Warren F. Billings to Darrell Cary on Dec. 29 for $150,000.

• Melinda Comstock and Melinda A. Comstock to Christopher M. Comstock on Dec. 28 for $150,000.

• Liberty East Washington LLC to Save Lyon Commission Inc. on Dec. 29.

• Donna G. Skelly to Michael G. Skelly on Dec. 28.

• Robert L. Smith to Federal National Mortgage Association on Dec. 30 for $32,098.69.


• CNY Homes Holdings LLC to William H. Hoppe on Dec. 29 for $63,000.


• Gloria D. Rohland to ESL Federal Credit Union on Dec. 23 for $147,924.84.

• Alan L. Burke to Beverly J. Burke on Dec. 30.

• Martha A. Churley and Martha A. Pendino to Alan L. Burke on Dec. 30.

• Roberta Mckenney and Roberta M. Pound to Deborah Barringer on Dec. 29.

• Rathbun Farms Inc. to Jim Rathbun Farms Inc. on Dec. 29.


• Towner Living Trust to Joshua Jenkins on Dec. 19 for $48,000.


• Ronald M. Edsall to Shawn M Benedict on Dec. 19 for $271,000.


• Robert L. Hyer to Robert L. Hyer on Dec. 20.

• Elizabeth C. Kauffman and Paul A. Kauffman to Clare Dixon on Dec. 20.

* Property prices less than $10,000 will not be reported.