Don’t just think your thoughts, voice them!

Staff reports

To the Editor:

On October 16th there was a public information meeting in Prattsburgh on the process of hydrofracking. Two speakers with a great deal of knowledge helped educate those in attendance. It was very helpful to me, and I'm sure to the many people who came out. We all will be impacted in a number of ways if this process is allowed to happen in or around our town. Our board members seemed to be concerned, but as yet have not acted in any way to protect us if this process for extracting gas goes forwaed. I go to many board meetings and repeatedly hear board members say they don't really know what the people in Prattsburgh think about this issue and other issues that face the town. Our town supervisor has said we really need to stay ahead of this issue, so we can control the outcome. To do that the town needs to put a moritorium, a ban, or regulations in place soon.

Our thoughts and concerns need to be heard. I encourage all citizens to come to a board meeting and voice your opinion. If you can't come to a board meeting, please write a letter to the board, or call our supervisor or any board member. Stop in the town office and speak to the supervisor, or leave a letter for the board members with our town clerk. Whatever you do will help the board make a decision, and move the process along. If you don't know much about this issue, there are many places where you can become more educated. There are speakers and meetings happening constantly, that are advertised in local papers and sometimes on local radio. The internet, and you tube in particular, has a great deal of people speaking out about fracking ( both for and against ). If we sit at home with our thoughts, they will remain our thoughts, and we will have no control over what happens to us here in Prattsburgh.Think about it!

David Snaith

Prattsburgh, NY