Tom Reed: Country must ‘unite’

John Zick
Tom Reed

A day after winning re-election, U.S. Rep. Tom Reed said Americans and Washington, in particular must unite to tackle the country’s worsening issues. “The way wefre going to deal with these issues is we’re going to unite as an American country and get these issues resolved once and for all,” Reed, R-Corning, said Wednesday. “I do see the country is clearly split, pretty much down the middle. What we need to do is come together.”

??Reed said bipartisanship is the only way the country can address its most pressing issue - the fiscal cliff, a combination of tax increases and spending cuts that some believe will sink the country into a deep recession.??

“We need to avoid the fiscal cliff,” Reed said.

??Reed said he will continue to make his office available to the White House and hopes President Obama will be willing to work across the aisle on the fiscal cliff and other issues. He said “many of us” are open to bipartisan problem-solving.??

“In a split government, we’re going to have to work together,” Reed said. “I’d be the first to stand up and lead. We’re going to continue to work across the aisle. I’m confident we can avoid the fiscal cliff.”??

After addressing the fiscal cliff, Washington must comprehensively reform taxes and be a “champion” the private business sector to create jobs, Reed said, adding that tax reforms and more new wealth will help address the country’s debt.??“

At the end of the day, we all have to recognize we’re all Americans,” Reed said. “We need to stand up for Lady America now.”??

Also Wednesday, Reed addressed the election failures of the Republican Party. Many political pundits said the election was a referendum on the party’s failure to adjust to a changing electorate.??

Reed said the party must continue to stand behind its core values, such as tax reform and debt control, but he again said the GOP has to work across the aisle and find common ground with Democrats. Additionally, he said he supports immigration reform - an overwhelming majority of minorities voted for Obama.??

“My belief is that what makes us great is diversity,” Reed said, adding that he believes those coming to the United States have to do so legally.