Buck Meadows, Bath town at odds over plowing, sanding issue

Mary Perham

Bath officials hope to have a resolution to a road issue in Buck Meadows by next month.

Town officials said they have held three meetings so far with concerned parties to negotiate an arrangement on plowing and sanding the roads in the private development.

Homeowners in Buck Meadows want their roads maintained by the town, which has sanded and plowed the roads in the past in order to allow school buses to pick up children.

But the town holds the roads are private and should be maintained by the owner, H & H Development.

Buck Meadows residents attended the Nov. 13 town board meeting to warn the board the roads continue to deteriorate and could be a real problem soon.

Town Attorney Jeff Squires said he has been representing the town and that he hopes the matter will be taken care of by the time the town board meets again Dec. 10.