County plans another look at proposed smoking ban

Mary Perham

Steuben County legislators are expected to put back on the table a proposed ban on smoking on county-owned or leased property when they meet in regular session at the rare time of 4 p.m. Monday.

The ban is being considered at the urging of various no-smoking and public health officials. It was tabled a couple months ago to allow officials time to develop a proposed ban. If the proposal is approved by legislators Monday, a public hearing would be held in December before it could be passed into law.

The law would include the Steuben County Office Building, the Pro Action Building in Bath, the Public Health Building in Hornell, the Mental Health Buildings in Bath, Corning and Hornell, the Steuben County Health Care Facility, the Steuben County 911 and Office of Emergency Services Building, the Steuben County Public Safety Building, and the Courthouses in Hornell and Corning.

It would not apply to someone located in a moving motor vehicle exiting or entering county properties.

Violators can be fined up to $1,000, according to the resolution.

The regular meeting will be preceded by a 3 p.m. special meeting of the county Legislature’s Administration Committee.

The committee has been looking at making some fundamental changes in the way the county operates. So far members have agreed to move from their current non-chartered status to a charter, which allows county officials more flexibility with governmental operations.

The committee also agreed to switch from a county administrator to a county manager, which would give the Steuben’s chief civil officer more control over department heads.

Another major change in government was the committee’s decision to make the county Treasurer an appointed position instead of an elected one.

Any changes would have to be approved by the voters next year.

And the next agenda item may be the hardest sell for voters -- and legislators – redrawing county legislative lines to ensure equal representation.

County Legislature Chairman Joe Hauryski, R-Campbell, said he expects the board to look at different options and settle on a couple plans to be discussed in more detail in December.

Steuben County Legislature meetings

3 p.m. Monday -- Administration Committee (special meeting).

4 p.m. Monday – Regular Session

6 p.m. Monday – Public Hearing and Presentation of the 2013 budget

Vote on the 2013 budget will follow the public hearing.