Ordway announces new law enforcement tool “Hot Sheet”

Press Release

Sheriff Joel R. Ordway of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office announces a new law enforcement tool created to aid in the early detection and possible prevention of criminal activity within Steuben County and surrounding Counties. Modeled after the “Daily Hot Sheet” produced each day by the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office, effective April 1 of this year the Sheriff’s Office began publishing a pilot program titled “Daily Hot Sheet.” On April 1, 34 law enforcement officials from 11 different law enforcement agencies received the first publication, which as of this date has been expanded to 117 law enforcements officials from 37 different law enforcement agencies in both New York and Pennsylvania.

Agencies included in the daily dissemination of the document include law enforcement agencies from Steuben, Chemung, Schuyler and Livingston Counties and several law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania bordering Steuben County on the New York State border. Officials from Probation, Parole and District Attorney Offices are also in receipt of the daily publication.

The daily “Hot Sheet” was created in connection to a monthly Law Enforcement Meeting chaired by the Sheriff’s Office where the idea of getting up-to-date information out to Road Patrol personnel was deemed essential for the early detection and possible prevention of criminal activity.

A separate email account was then put into place where any law enforcement official could submit information for their agency that they wanted to be published on the “Hot Sheet.” A Policy and Procedure was then developed in regards to the operation of the dissemination of the Law Enforcement Sensitive Information and the Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center was designated as the clearing house for all incoming information. The information is then categorized and put into the proper format for a daily dissemination of the document to all surrounding law enforcement agencies electing to take part in the program.

The “Hot Sheet” is published every day, except Sunday, by the Sheriff’s Office and is disseminated to all subscribers by 11 a.m. The “Hot Sheet” is broken down into five basic categories which include:

• Wanted or missing persons within Steuben County in the last 15 days.

• Stolen vehicles/ATV’s within Steuben County in the last six months.

• Stolen firearms, long guns or shotguns within Steuben County in the last six months.

• Subjects incarcerated/released from the Steuben County Jail in the last 24 hours.

• Police information section – police information for uniform patrol/investigations.

As stated in the Directive for the operation of this program:

“It shall be the mission of the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office, in cooperation with all other law enforcement agencies within Steuben County, to be the facilitator for a daily ‘Hot Sheet’ to be generated and disseminated to all law enforcement agencies and officials within Steuben County. The purpose of this document shall be to ensure the rapid dissemination to all law enforcement officials of pending law enforcement information in the hopes of prevention of crime or the immediate apprehension of person(s) or property for crimes already reported.”