Robber hits Ginger’s Corner

Mary Perham

Bath Village Police are investigating the daytime theft last week of more than $200 from a Liberty Street business.

Pat Drum, owner of Ginger’s Shop, said the theft occurred around noon last Thursday while she was in a back office checking prices for a male customer. Drum said the customer remained on the sales floor and continued to chat with her while she was looking up prices.

“I thought I heard something,” Drum said. “But I didn’t really pay that much attention.”

When Drum walked back into the shop area, the man was at the shop door and told her he would be back after lunch.

After he left, Drum noticed the area near her cash register was in disarray and discovered $80 in cash was missing from the till. Drum later discovered her wallet, containing $150, also was missing.

Drum said the theft surprised and dismayed her.

“I have stuff outside and people don’t steal it,” she said.

But while the theft left her feeling violated and distrustful, the community’s support showed her a brighter side to her troubles, Drum said.

Employees and customers at Betty Kay’s, a Liberty Street bakery, took up a collection and presented the money to Drum – along with some donuts, she said.

“You know there is such goodness around here,” she said. “There really is.”

Police are looking for a man in his mid-20s, 5’9” tall, 180 pounds with black hair and a light olive complexion. Anyone with information is asked to call the village Police Department at 776-2175.