Property transactions

Staff reports

Real estate transactions filed in the Steuben County Clerk’s Office for October 3 through November 11, 2011.


• Mary J. Leibold to David J. Welch on Oct. 7 for $95,000.

• Bonnie J. Hunt and William E. Hunt to Kristin S. H. Noteware on Oct. 28.

• Karen V. Kendall and John K. Meyer to Christopher J. Anthon on Oct. 28 for $26,000.

• Bethany Adams, Bethany C. Askins and Travis M. Askins to Caleb Zeh on Nov. 9.

• Linda M. Robinson to Linda M. Robinson on Nov. 10.

• Nancy R. Williams and Robert S. Williams to Richard D. Raymond on Nov. 7 for $165,000.


• Donna J. Atanesian and Robert D. Atanesian to Ronald A. Atanesian on Oct. 4.

• Brian A. Kelsey and Sandra L. Kelsey to Denwood F. Ross III on Oct. 7 for $182,000.

• Kevin H. Ludden to Alex W. Hoag on Oct. 5 for $22,500.

• Volney R. Wesche Trust and Weshe Volney R. Trust to Brian A. Kelsey on Oct. 7 for $112,000.

• Allen E. Badeau Sr., Karole E. Badeau and Archie J. Lebaron EST to Allen E. Badeau Sr. on Oct. 14.

• Curtis L. Hopkins, Karen A. Hopkins, Neva E. Hopkins Trust and Neva E. Hopkins Trust to Karen A. Hopkins on Oct. 11.

• Curtis L. Hopkins and Karen A. Hopkins to Leh Family Limited Partnership on Oct. 11.

• Neva E. Hopkins Trust and Neva E. Hopkins Trust to Karen A. Hopkins on Oct. 11.

• Dorothy T. Makitra EST to Michael P. Makitra on Oct. 11.

• Amy S. Martin and Kirt D. Martin to Amy S. Martin on Oct. 11.

• Atul M. Patel to Bhagmattie Dejesus on Oct. 11.

• Penn York Resources Inc. to Rodrick L. Kinney on Oct. 14 for $43,000.

• Inergy Midstream LLC to Finger Lakes LPG Storage LLC on Oct. 18.

• James Obrien to Paul E. Obrien on Oct. 18.

• Amy L. Brandes to Christopher D. Harrison on Oct. 27 for $17,500.

• Margaret R. Conklin EST to Earl J. Conklin Jr. on Oct. 24.

• Rita M. Denno and Robert L. Denno DEC to Galen D. Stone on Oct. 25 for $75,000.

• Jeffrey L. Towner and Vicki L. Towner to Jami L. Bosket on Oct. 26 for $64,500.

• Mat Properties Inc. to Crooker Trucking LLC on Nov. 10 for $65,000.

• Edward C. Robie  and Marjorie P. Robie to Emmett E. Graham on Nov. 7.

• Edward C. Robie and Marjorie P. Robie to Terry A. Rice on Nov. 7.


• Brian K. Austin to Craig Decamp on Oct. 7 for $39,000.

• Heather R. Mathews 2010 Revocable Trust and Mathews Heather R. 2010 Revocable Trust to Douglas T. Gross on Oct. 12 for $124,000.

• Kelly Oakley to Kelly Oakley Grantor Trust on Oct. 14.


• Barbara S. Bohomey and Walter Bohomey to Walter & Barbara Bohomey Trust on Oct. 11.

• Margaret C. Brush and Margaret C. Soles to Jennifer M. Dekay on Oct. 21.

• Constance J. Alger to Christopher S. Darcangelo on Oct. 28.


• Edward J. Clark Jr. and Anne E. Hemly to Dalrymple Gravel & Contracting Co. Inc. on Oct. 5 for $750,000.

• Emily P. Mcguigan to Paul R. Vanderlinder on Oct. 5 for $133,000.

• John A. Snyder II to James M. Snyder on Oct. 7.

• Anne E. Hemly to Edward J. Clark Jr. on Oct. 13 for $80,000.

• Raymond O. Hargrave to Raymond F. Hargrave on Oct. 21.

• Robert H. Stickler and Sandra J. Stickler to Bradley S. Shanks on Oct. 21 for $118,000.

• Christine A. Forester and Timothy S. Forester to Timothy S. Forester on Oct. 26.

• Timothy S. Forester to Timothy S. Forester on Oct. 26.

• Janet C. Anderson and Vernard C. Anderson to Milledge C. Willis III on Nov.7 for $210,000.


• Carmine Ceglia, Paul Ceglia and Vera Ceglia to Beverly J. Miller on Oct. 3 for $125,000.

• Eleanor G. Palmer and Robert Palmer to Robert Palmer Family Realty Associates LLC on Oct. 18.

• Carol A. Sehm and David W. Sehm to Sehm Family Wealth Trust on Oct. 20.

• American International Relocation Solutions LLC to Michael T. Cornish on Oct. 24 for $122,500.

• Jason W. Belt to American International Relocation Solutions LLC on Oct. 24 for $122,500.

• Jerry M. Burns to Guillaume Vermilya Family Partnership on Oct. 26 for $162,240.

• Jacklyn S. Davenport and Ronald L. Davenport Jr. to Benjamin L. Sterling on Oct. 25 for $78,000.

• Gary Palmer and Karen Palmer to Todd Gardner on Oct. 26.


• Sharon A. Hobson and Sharon A. Smith to Charles L. Glaza on Oct. 11 for $50,000.

• Michael D. Presler to Jason Boser on Oct. 17 for $70,000.

• Ruth E. S. Larson, Ruth E. Sauerwald, William H. Sauerwald DEC and Ruth E. Sauerwal Larson to Ruth E. Sauerwald Larson on Nov. 10.


• Henry F. Benedum EST and Mark Benedum to Joseph K. Benedum on Oct. 30 for $20,000.

• James E. Fox EST to Stasia J. Fox on Oct. 6.

• Clyde L. Lewis Jr. to Clyde L. Lewis Jr. on Oct. 5.

• Loren E. Medrek to David E. Smith on Oct. 14 for $50,000.

• Michael P. Morley Trust, Linda W. Morley and Michael P. Morley Trust to Steven D. Brown on Oct. 13 for $303,500.

• Linda W. Morely to Steven D. Brown on Oct. 13 for $303,500.

• Eric P. Lyle and Cori Zacher to Roland D. Lyle on Nov. 9.

• Roland D. Lyle and Susannah K. Lyle to Edwin E. Evans Sr. on Nov. 9 for $550,000.


• Clifford N. Ellison Jr. and Donna J. Ellison to Ellison Trust on Oct. 5.


• Douglas M. Button, Chad Robbins and Douglas E. Robbins to Douglas E. Robbins on Oct. 4 for $10,000.

• Dorothy E. Vandelinder DEC and Forrest G. Vandelinder to Todd S. Venema on Oct. 6 for $55,000.

• Walter Gooding to Walter Gooding on Oct. 14.

• Joanna W. Lowman and Joanna Wurtele to Daniel G. Walsh on Oct. 19 for $1,400,000.

• Arthur J. Petersen DEC and Nola D. Peterson to Nola D. Petersen Irrevocable Trust on Oct. 19.

• Dittmar Forestry Inc. to Todd P. Moser on Oct. 26 for $120,000.

• Andrew R. Mazzella and Sharon P. Mazzella to Sharon M. Mazzella on Oct. 27.

• James L. Presley to Jenna C. Presley on Oct. 26.

• Mary E. Roller and Richard S. Roller Jr. to John C. Vang on Oct. 27 for $123,500.


• David B. Luther Revocable Trust, Geraldine F. Luther Revocable Trust, Luther David B. Revocable Trust and Luther Geraldine F. Revocable Trust to Sybille Lichtenstein on Oct. 4 for $148,000.

• Linwood L. Hough and Merle L. Whitehead to Merle L. Whitehead on Oct. 3.

• Linwood L. Hough and Merle L. Whitehead to Linwood L. Hough on Oct. 3.

• John G. Mcgregor EST to Kathleen M. Mcgregor on Oct. 3 for $49,600.

• Sharon Sutryk to John C. Sutryk on Oct. 3.

• Columbia Gas Transmission LLC to James D. Robbins on Oct. 14.

• Helen M. Ernhout and Howard Ernhout to Tammy K. Martin on Oct. 17 for $85,000.

• Thomas F. Cash and Virginia M. Cash to Thurman N. Blanchard on Oct. 26 for $161,750.

• Ellen Wagner and Robert Wagner to Tracy L. Wood on Oct. 26.

• Richard A. Rosenberg to Kevin J. Mcguran on Nov. 9 for $475,000.


• Alphonse T. Laforge to Laforge Family Wealth Trust on Oct. 14.

• Alphonse T. Laforge and Elaine C. Laforge to Laforge Family Wealth Trust on Oct. 14.

* Property prices less than $10,000 will not be reported.