Let the Blogs Begin

Mary Perham

The Steuben Courier-Advocate is pleased report a new on-line feature, Steuben Courier Town Square is now active on this Website.

Readers from around the area are invited to read blogs on subjects of interest from national and local commentators. But what will make these blogs the success we hope for is reader participation, so feel free to weigh in on the topics. Your input may also lead to future debates. 

All we ask is the debate remain civil and fair, with the kind of language you would use with your grandmother. (Yes, some of us may have some salty grandmas, but you know what we mean.)

There are two ways to access the blogs.

1) The "Blogs" button located above and to the far right of the thick red line near the top of our Home Page.

2) At the very bottom of The Courier's Home Page.

Anyone with questions is welcome to email us at scanews@stny.rr.com or scapub@stny.rr.com.