Walsh speaks up for Steuben County

Staff reports

To the Editor,

I support John Walsh for having the courage to speak up for the residents and businesses of Steuben County when the Steuben County Legislators wanted to enact “Local Law Relative to Secondhand Dealers!” This “Local Law,” as written now, not only changes the way some business owners conduct daily business but the way the residents could sell any “used” items they want to.

Thankfully, John Walsh dug deep into this proposed “Law” to see future issue’s which include law enforcement being able to enter your home or place of business to search for certain items with no more reason than the fact that they want to – no warrant. We need to be more diligent regarding our local government - from your village to your town to your County Legislators. We need to make sure they are working for us not against us. This “Local Law” did not make it out of committee because John Walsh did his job. I wish all of our legislators were a John Walsh.

Pam Harmon