Same old, same old ... seems to be the theme

Staff reports

To the editor,

As I sat at a specially held meeting of the Prattsburgh Town Board at noon on the day after Thanksgiving (with only seven people in attendance) I had time to think. Knowing that the board has also scheduled a meeting in mid-December, and also planned another special meeting on December 29th, I asked myself, have we not been through all this before?

I remember the sincere editorials of those who wrote about “It’s time for all to come together.” Now, I ask myslef, did they mean after the election or after this special board meeting on December 29 when their agenda could be completed? Well, January 1, 2012 can not come soon enough.

I also wish I was smart enough to be an “investigative reporter” because I’m sure there is a story within a story in all of this.

The next question which came to mind – was I an “us or them?” Could this be the reason a small town like ours needs two comprehensive plans? Does a current chosen few believe they know what is best for the majority? Not so, according to this past election. But then again, that appears to be of little concern to those chosen few.

Now, I am sure that this whole issue could not be as simple as protecting one’s property value. I believe that someone once said that our actions are out only true belongings.

Thomas Kelly

Prattsburgh, NY