Maybe a few more meetings should have been attended

Staff reports

To the Editor,

Thomas Kelly’s inference that the Prattsburgh Town Board is rushing through zoning laws suggests that he has paid little attention to what has been going on since March 2010. At that time the Prattsburgh Zoning Commission convened to fulfill the task assigned us by the Town Board. We were to review the Comprehensive Plan and suggest possible land use laws to the board.

Since there was concern about the process by which the previous Comprehensive Planning committee was established, it was suggested our committee re-adopt the original plan to solidify its legitimacy.

A review of the original surveys revealed some gaps in content, so a brief addition was made taking into consideration respondents’ concerns about industrial wind development. There are not two Comprehensive Plans, merely a formal adoption of the original plan with one update.

Only having seven people in attendance at board meetings is not unique. Unless there is a hot button issue on the table, most are attended by fewer than 10 people. If Mr. Kelly had been a regular attendee he would know that the board was following the Commission’s progress. The Commission meetings were open to the public though we seldom saw more than two people in the audience at any given meeting.

The Commission spent many hours researching and discussing draft law proposals. At the public hearing August 4, 2011 there was no opposition to the proposed laws and they were unanimously accepted to present to the Town Board. It is important to note that two of us from the Zoning Commission, its Chair Len McConnell, and I, will become new Town Board members come January 1, 2012.

I find it hard to believe that a set of laws we proposed would suddenly be unwelcome because they were voted on by a previous board.

Angela Einwachter

Prattsburgh, NY