Christmas of future in Prattsburgh?

Staff reports

To the Editor,

As I awoke on Christmas morn, I was filled with joy that Santa and his reindeer were able to make it to Prattsburgh and past the hazards of the wind turbines. Will he just pass over this town someday? For there may not be any peace or good will to man here anymore?

Now, let’s think big. Forget turbines and let’s put a nuclear power plant here. I’m sure there will be a few who can tell me where to put it. I think I know where to put it – right next to the industrial incinerator we will use for burning our trash! Now I’m on fire!

But we need water for this reactor. Well, I’m sure the gas industry will provide us with all the contaminated water we need. We must first change Route 53 to a four lane to handle all the trucks. And, let’s be fair – let this four lane continue to Naples for those who prefer to go that route.

I see it’s time to put my pen aside – my candle is beginning to flicker, but I’m sure that the electricity will return.

And may peace and good will overcome selfishness in the coming year. And let me wish you all a good night.

Thomas Kelly

Prattsburgh, NY