To all who supported us - happy NEW year

Staff reports

To the Editor,

I would like to express my thanks to Judge Joseph Latham for making the decision that he did.  He made statements to Bryan Ashline that clearly demonstrated how disgusted that he was with Bryan’s choices that fateful night.  It gave me faith in our judicial system.  I would also like to thank John Tunney our District Attorney.  He had a job to do and he did it with the utmost professionalism.  He and his staff proved that although it is hard to work on such a case without displaying empathy, they did it in a manner that they did not allow themselves to get distracted while at the same time, I knew they cared.  The last person I would like to address is Tom Stahr, Bryan Ashline’s defense attorney.  Mr. Stahr, I want you to know that I understand that you had a job to do as a defense attorney and that you did not request that case.  Such cases are handled by rotation.  I also understand that you made clear that Bryan admitted to the murders.  You did your job.  You also went above and beyond what your job was by making statements such as “If she had let him take the child, we wouldn’t be here,” or “He apologized in his testimony.”  Bryan Ashline said he was sorry for what it’s done to him, then his family, and then Trieste’s.  It was clear what was important to him?himself.  Do you have children, Mr. Stahr?  Such statements were uncalled for and unprofessional.    

In closing, a thank you to all the friends and family who supported us during this horrible ordeal and a special thank you to the jurors who convicted Bryan Ashline.  You were called upon because of your civil duty.  All of you will probably bears scars after hearing such testimony and seeing such photos, but thank you so much for your decision and professionalism.  Happy NEW year!

Cyndi Watson

Bath, NY