Who should be chastising whom for building snag?

Staff reports

To the Editor,

In the Dec 25 issue of The Courier the page 2 headline was “Klugo chastises board”.  Such a headline would make one think the Bath Village Board had done something wrong.  Then I notice the headline in the Corning Leader, “Parking Restrictions a Headache for the Masonic Temple project”.   There must be something underhanded afoot.   Maybe the village board removed all the parking or mayan accountant found some money problem or maybe someone had appointed a totally unqualified relative to a village job.

Sadly that is not the case; it seems that a developer is spending 2.1 million to renovate a building that our Congressional Representative, Tom Reed, bought for (it is my understanding) about $29,000. Tom Reed (or one of corporations) got about a 1.1 million dollar grant to fix up the building from the Restore NY fund. The village board’s choice at the time of the Restore NY funding was between requesting funds for a community center or requesting funds to fix up Reed’s building.

It turns out the problem is that the developer wants the village to fix his poor planning by changing the village parking rules for his tenants.  He wants to convert four public parking spaces into four special parking spaces for his tenants that are exempt from village rules.  He has 4 parking spaces and claims that a 2 million dollar building in Bath only needs 4 more spaces.  I own an apartment house in Bath and I find that calculation very unlikely.  It is more likely that they will be back for many more spaces in the future.

There could have been money for a public community center but instead the village is being asked for special privileges for private for-profit development.  I am impressed with his gall.  Klugo stated the project is as important to the village as it is to him.  Who is making the profit on whose money?

Dick Barney

Penn Yan NY