When is a term not really a term?

Staff reports

To the Editor,

I am not sure setbacks are the right term to use. Maybe it should be “not in my back yard” or not in my view.

I am sure some folks talked in the same way about putting poles along the side of our roads with wires to provide electricity to rural America. Do people have the same concerns about our water from fracking? Or do gas leases and making money come into play?

It has been said that I did not attend enough meetings, but when a member of the planning board said “set-back distance had been changed to a formula that was not related to the planning commission’s recommendation.” I ask, how many meetings would have made a difference?

And yes, “if the past town board knew what the right answer was, from the start, why did they waste the commission's time?”

Wind is here to stay and turbines are not far behind – so, get used to it. Laws can be made as well as changed.

And, yes, folks – you have left the board in good hands. Keep on writing folks you do inspire me.

Tom Kelly

Prattsburgh, NY