Distraction, division makes a great smoke screen

Staff reports

To the Editor:

There is a vocal group of people in Prattsburgh who seem determined to use industrial wind as a wedge to drive people into opposing camps and keep them from working together.  To this end they write letters that ridicule the need to protect the public’s health and safety, distort town council business and spread rumors maligning those who disagree with them.  

So I’m trying to figure out their motives, since these tactics distract attention from many serious issues that face the town.  Could it be that they are so filled with fear and jealousy that they want to drive people out of Prattsburgh, no matter who they hurt and how they hurt the town?   

Because of this kind of hostility, the majority of people in Prattsburgh – both in the hamlet and in the hills — steer clear of local politics.   This means there are very few people willing to run for public office and be in the firing line.  They know what will happen if they disagree with the small but very vocal minority.

When Lenny McConnell was running for office, people said that he would be the peacemaker who would bring the town together.  I’m hoping that he will live up to that claim and tell his supporters to stick to the facts and make an effort to live harmoniously.  It could lead to more local involvement and a more prosperous Prattsburgh.

Ruth Matilsky

Prattsburgh, NY