Recent comments, opinions not based on factual knowledge

Staff reports

To the Editor,

The following comments are in response to Mary Perham’s story (“County to Probe Thurston Horse Rescue”) which appeared in the January 10th edition of The Leader.  

It was very disappointing to read the headline and quotes from Mr. Ryan in yesterday’s newspaper.   We have had no requests or contact from Mr. Ryan for information.  We consistently cooperate with the County and certainly will continue to do so.  For Mr. Ryan to make such statements to the press implies otherwise and actually defames the organization.  Such defamation is damaging and only serves to take resources away from the well being of the animals.   Additionally, the reported opinion of Mr. Akins, Dog Control Officer, within this same article is not based on factual knowledge of the investigative activities that have been carried out or professional experience in the area of animal cruelty investigations.    

Our goals are always focused on taking care of the animals who cannot speak for themselves.  We consistently work collaboratively with other organizations, the County and the public, as well, to meet those goals.  

As expressed in an earlier FLSPCA press release to The Leader, the allegations made during a February 2011 complaint at this same location could not be substantiated after investigation.  This case was closed after many hours of investigation and several follow-up visits.  A new case was opened in the fall of this year at this same location when new complaints surfaced.  This case is currently being adjudicated and is in the hands of the D.A.’s Office.  Because of this, we can provide no additional comment as to case details at this time.   FLSPCA works tirelessly to prevent and address acts of animal cruelty as they occur across one of the largest counties in the state, working with a single officer and with very limited resources.  Our officer provides education as to the proper care of animals and makes arrests when necessary.  He works with a very heavy case-load and multiple ever-changing urgent priorities. We are deeply saddened by acts of animal cruelty and would never blatantly ignore such acts or complaints we receive about them.      

Vicki S. Mosgrove, Executive Director

Finger Lakes SPCA Board of Directors