Why make the new substation so large?

Staff reports

To the Editor,

The recent Village of Bath Board Meeting was attended by the current contractor of the electric upgrade claiming no responsibility for prior contractor decisions, and the Village Attorney stating that  “For the betterment of the whole”, residential zoning was void.

In reality, and in my opinion, the area at the new substation has become a huge erector set monstrosity.

The need to carry increased electric power to outlying franchise limits, has been addressed on the South by the Faucett Road substation with no houses in the area. The neat rectangular, color coordinated “Storage box” substation setting at the North, rear side of Super 8 Motel, is commercial and provides extra voltage to the Western franchise limits. The “Granddaddy” Wilson Avenue Substation sets next to Steuben Rural Electric, and across the street from the Village and Town of Bath garages providing electric to downtown, The northern extremity of the electric franchise needs additional electric voltage for increased electric heat usage, but, in my opinion, Fairview Drive could have served this need with another self-contained “Cabinet” all enclosed, neat, and safe.

We can greave for reassessment of our properties, but lower taxes mean higher tax rates for the whole Village that we 48-50% still need to pay; when we sell, our area will only be worth less.

As natural gas prices continue to plummet, and electric rates continue to climb, the competition, with ourselves, makes the municipally-owned utilities no longer an attraction. As for economic development, our franchise area is land-locked.

After 9/11, there was a heightened concern for safety. With everything concentrated in one area, are we now labeled “Bulls-eye” from the sky?

This is my opinion.

Shirley M. Edwards,

Fairview Drive, Bath