Let our politicians try living on minimum wages

Staff reports

To the Editor,

Those people who run these Govt. programs like Dept. of Social Services fail to tell you that there is an application process. If you qualify you are put on a budget which is guideline approved by Govt. When on assistance you must see other workers who are assigned to your case. Most people on Govt. Assistance obey the rules and regulations when others don’t spoil it for everyone else. Some people can’t afford necessities let alone diapers for there kids. If your worker makes a mistake on your case even if you weren’t to blame you will have to pay it back.

If you work and want assistance you must qualify first. They go by your gross income not the net. The size of your house hold counts when getting assistance. There is a lot of red tape people don’t tell you about. Working poor people might be eligible for food stamps where they won’t be eligible for Medicaid or cash assistance. If you’re working and own your home you must give your deed to the Govt. for assistance. There is a recertification process every  3-6 months you must turn in any changes and 5 to 10 days prior to the change. There are some who want to work but have no luck finding work. When Governor Pataki was in office a welfare reform act stating anyone who is over a five year limit has to work. There are certain people they put on a mobile work program and some they don’t. If we want to better ourselves we must go through another process. These grants we receive for our livelihood are supposed to be free. Loans you pay back grants you don’t have too.

These programs we have for working poor and poor are only as good as the people running them. It seems the Govt. really doesn’t want people off assistance if we did they wouldn’t have jobs. Some of these regulations that the Govt. put on people hinder us from getting jobs. I don’t see how this is helping. How about some churches band together and make jobs for people. There are very few jobs and the Govt. is always saying they are making more. I would like to know where and for whom? There are some 1st, 2nd and 3rd generational people on assistance. They didn’t ask to be there, they are there for reasons. I would like to see a Politican live on a minimum wage job or Govt. assistance and see how fast things change.

Susan Zinck

Avoca, NY