Let’s return to the peaceful, prosperous, Prattsburgh of old

Staff reports

To the Editor,

In her latest letter it was refreshing to see Ruth Matilski , admitting that her small vocal group of people, ” The Advocates”, have done their best to divide our great little town. It’s o.k. she didn’t specify who she was referring to, the majority of us knew and I applaud Ruth for finally speaking the truth. It has been difficult dealing with them, because of their “tactics” to stop Wind Industry in Prattsburgh. I don’t get it either Ruth. The revenues and amenities to our town far outweigh any negative impacts. Is it fear? Do so many of you actually believe the negative rhetoric you flood the town meetings, and the papers with? Is it jealousy? Many of us are just good, decent, hard working, friendly folks , so maybe your group has a hard time relating to that. We welcome anyone who moves into our town and wants to be a part of it instead of trying to change or control it. We are always looking for new faces at our churches, festivities, emergency services, youth activities, etc. and embrace new volunteers and being one of us. You’re right, because of the hostility, it has been difficult getting people to run for office. Thankfully after witnessing what happens when people with agendas get elected to our board and seeing the damage that has been done by your “small vocal group” , our fine upstanding citizens are stepping up to the challenge. We now have a new supervisor and board member ,whom are honest and fair and want what is best for the Town. I fear that things will not change this term as your “group” still has the board majority and have shown they intend to stay with the agenda at hand. I want to thank you though Ruth. Letters like yours , admitting blame is the first step and in two years two more seats will be replaced by our fine citizens and the new board majority will lead us to a more harmonious, peaceful ,prosperous Prattsburgh.

Stacey Bottoni

Prattsburgh NY