To get the facts right, come to the meetings

Staff reports

To the Editor,

I'm not one to write editorials. Most serve little purpose other than to stir up controversy for one's own good.

Mr. Snaith's editorial in the Courier November 4, 2012 states I am in favor of a moratorium on natural gas production. This is totally wrong. My position on this is a moratorium at this point makes no sense. What is its purpose? It is only common sense to see what the D.E.C. and Albany decide. Then you react if necessary.

Prattsburgh has spent over $110,000.00 on legal fees so far on a moratorium concerning wind generation. This is part of the reason for our barebones budget and budget increase this year.

I wish more residents would attend our meetings. Town Board, Special Board, Planning Board, Zoning Appeals, and informational meetings. This is the way you can help shape our future.

Leonard McConnell

Prattsburgh Town Supervisor