‘Kool-aid’ can lead to dreams of entitlement

Staff reports

To the Editor,

“Well, how about it old son, another round”... As I sit here I muse, though not all that amused. My thoughts in a maddening whirl, swirling first to the left and then careening back to the right. Perhaps I am the deluded one, reason and rationality never down-loaded into the delicately circuited soft-drive of my very human main brain.

For you see, for the life of me, I cannot fathom progressive, liberal political and social thought. This meandering of thought so ingrained into an ever increasing percentage of our society, weaving itself into the very fabric of our American culture.

Of course I've never imbibed the “lefts” liquid thinking intoxicant of choice, their “kool-aid.” This socio-political drink of left minded folk. Tis sweet and satisfying, oh so good, that's why I'm told.

Partake of this sweet treat and soon you'll hear the voices so clear. These whisperings of their truth, coined in their language of societal love. “Fair share,” equal outcomes in economic life irregardless of life choices, not dependent of level of input or effort. In debt, no worries it's not your fault, we'll bail you out. You deserve it all, government and your neighbor owes it to you, you are “ENTITLED.”

Equal opportunity should equate into equal results. Really? Doesn't sound right to me, will their kool-aid clear my befuddled mind? No, this other out-dated, old fashioned truth of old, this truth of the evil uncaring right, this opposite truth of personal responsibility and accountability dwells too deep inside my faulty circuitry. Me thinks I'll need a stronger drink to numb this truth of old. “Yea, Sam, another round, but you better make it a double.”

D.M. Mann

Bath, NY