Please consider this use for Curtiss school

Staff Writer
The Steuben Courier Advocate

A few months ago I wrote expressing my feelings that our community would benefit by converting the Curtiss School in Hammondsport into an arts and innovation center.

Recently; for a variety of reasons, the town of Urbana's proposal to purchase the school for a civic center was rejected. What is the future of the Curtiss School now?

Fortunately; there is a proposal that exists that could benefit the whole community without burdening the taxpayers. I recently met the Sananas family from Pulteney who have put in a bid to purchase the Curtiss School.

They have a plan to create an art museum and cultural center with special emphasis on programming for handicapped children.

This idea seems worthy of consideration as we ponder the fate of the Curtiss School. It could be just what our community needs.

Tony Moretti

Gwen Quigley