Muller: Committee did nothing illegal

Staff Writer
The Steuben Courier Advocate

To the Editor,

This letter is in response to the article in Wednesday's Leader and today's Courier concerning the supposed illegal actions taken by The Joint Economic Development Committee for the Town of Bath, Village of Bath, and Village of Savona.

As stated in the article this is an advisory committee created to pursue an Economic Development Study for the municipalities involved. The committee asked for Requests for Proposals (RFP's) from several consulting firms and chose one firm to recommend to the respective Municipal Boards to do the study. At no time has the committee signed a contract with any firm or agreed to pay any firm for any work as suggested by the article.

The committee selected a consulting firm to recommend to the respective Municipal Boards to complete the study. The committee does not have the authority to spend or commit to spending funds or sign a contract with any firm. Only the Municipal Boards have the authority to do this.

There has never been any attempt to keep the committees work from the public. As a committee member, I personally report at the monthly Town Board meetings the activity of the Committee, as the meeting minutes will document.

When the time comes that a study will go forward, the various Municipal Boards will become involved and the necessary actions for proceeding will be followed.

This committee started with five interested members and we now have the support of the Steuben County IDA and the Southern Tier Central Planning Board and many others. In my 10 years of town service I have not seen such enthusiasm as shown by this committee. The committee works hard with the ultimate goal of improving the economic climate in the town and villages.

I strongly disagree that the committee has done anything illegal and when and if the study proceeds, the public will have all the access to the process that they want.

Frederick J. Muller

Bath Town Supervisor