Bath Youth Lacrosse sends four teams to the Turkey Shoot Tournament

Press Release
Bath Lacrosse JV Team at the TurkeyShoot Lax Tournament in Ithaca.

Bath Youth Lacrosse entered four teams into the Turkey Shoot tournament in Ithaca this past weekend.  This is the first time that the lacrosse program has been able to send this many teams.  The tournament featured teams from New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, and Canada.  This is the sixth year that a team from Bath has competed in the tournament.   

The young 3/4 team was a mix of new inexperienced players and veterns.  The team played hard and improved throughout the day but came up winless in the end.  It was a great experience for all the players.

The 5/6 team played on Saturday morning and started the day off against Westhill a team out of Syracuse.  The young midfield group of Jason Burg, Aiden Bable, Rashawn Sabine, Bradly Pendle and Brain Mitchell, played tough and held it close for most of the first half.  But the second half proved too much as the team fell by a 12 to 3 score.  The second game of the day featured Bath verse a team from Corning.  The Bath Defense could not answer the stick skills of Corning and fell by a 13 to 4 score.  The final game of the day found Bath facing an all-star team from Syracuse FCA.  Bath came out strong and the team started to jell.  The defensive unit of Nolan Harold, Cassidy Case, Hunter Noteware, Cordell Galvin, and Colby Covell allowed on two shots in the second half. They were down by a goal at half but continued to fight hard and came away with an 8 to 7 victory.  The offense for the day was led by Trent Birch with four goals and two assist.  Logan Mcnaney had four goals, Colin Drain had three goals, Connor Sullivan had two goals, Nathan Yehl and Jordan Deats each had a goal.  Deats went 3 of 5 at the face off.  Goalie Dylan Hoad had nine saves for the day.

The 7/8 grade team started the day out by playing Pittsford.  The team played a tough first half but could not match Pittsford in the second half and fell by a 14 to 7 score.  In the second game Bath bounced back and defeated Mimco from Ontario Canada by a 9 to 4 score.  It was four to three at half but the defensive unit of Brandon Clark, Dana Krisher, Nathan Birch, Carl Rumsey, and Zach Roberts slowed things down to their advantage.   The final game of the day pitted Bath against the Shen Stars another team from Canada.  Bath trailed by a four to two score at half and fought back to take a one goal lead into the final minute of the game.  The Stars tied it up with 30 seconds left.  Bath worked the ball up field and a time out was called with ten seconds left.  The offense set up and Tyler Finch scored the winning goal with two seconds left.  The offense was led by Connor DiDomineck with six goals and five assist.  Jonathan Deats scored four goals and had five assist.  Connor Cupp had eight goals.  Jeremiah Kinner and Coty Baily each had a goal and an assist.  Ethan Harold and Blaike McCarthy each added a goal.  First time goalie Dalton Krisher had 15 saves for the day.

On Sunday, Bath sent a JV team to the tournament and was one of the four town teams in the competition.  The first game featured Bath facing Hamburg.  Bath led the game at half but some miscues and penalties allowed the game to slip from their grasp and they end up on the losing end of a seven to eight score.  In game two their opponent was an all-star team Pride from Canada.  Bath took control of the game due to the tough middy play of Nathan Birch, Tyler Stone, Mike George, Chris McDonnell, Connor Cupp, Zach Krisher, and finished with a win by a five to four score.  The third game Bath faced a North Colonie team from the Albany area.  Bath fought and was victorious by a six to five score.  Their final game of the day highlighted Bath versus the host team from Ithaca.  The team trailed by a six to one score at half but the defensive unit of Cameron Drain, Jacob Cupp, Greg Thomas, Danl Hoad, Charles Robison and Jordan Knowles battled hard in the second half and finished the game on the short end of a nine to seven score.  Scoring was led by Michael Rice with ten goals and four assist.  Bruce Rinker had eight goals and three assist.  Patrick Brewer had six goals and two assist.  Caleb Gable Hyer had one goal and one assist.  Charles Robinson had four assist and Zach Krisher had an assist.  Goalie Thomas George had 36 saves on the day.