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C-PP holds drive-through scroll banquet

Tom Passmore
Pictured is Joey Ott (left) with Corning-Painted Post head baseball coach Eric Kizis. [PROVIDED PHOTO].

CORNING - Corning-Painted Post honored senior athletes at its annual Senior Scroll Banquet over the weekend.

The event was held outside due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Corning-Painted Post Athletic Director Damian Saks thought it was still important to have the event to honor senior athletes.

“I think it’s important to honor the kids so that they still know what they did is important,” said Saks. “In all this non-normalcy, there has to be things that still stand and we were glad we were able to still have it.”

Parents and kids drove through the circle in front of the gymnasium where two big touch screen panels on them that displayed what sport, college and a senior picture of the athlete. Kids came out of the car to take photos with coaches. C-PP coaches lined up around the perimeter to honor senior athletes as they drove around the circle.

Winners included:

Randy Naylor Memorial Award: Blake VanWoert

Section IV Sportsmanship Award: Seth Hogue, Noah Belanger, Riley Davis, Victoria Collins

Tom Sullivan Memorial Bowling Scholarship: Michael Hoffman-Bellucci

Southern Tier Running Club Scholarship: Abigail Dejneka

Finger Lakes Runner Club Scholarship: Steven Segal

Wineglass Marathon Scholarship: Abigail Dejneka, Elora Ferrie, Abigail Perry, Otto Sutton, Angelea Collins, Rachel Rebis, Charlotte Nevins Vanessa Kelly

Lacrosse Alumni Scholarship: Olivia Tanneberger, Seth Grottenthaler

James Kosty Award: Shelia Sutton, Daniel Perry, Valerie Callahan

NYSHSFCA Scholar-Athlete Award: Joseph Ott, Seth Hogue

George Bacalles Award in conjunction with the C-PP Sports Hall of Fame: Riley Davis, Seth Grottenthaler, Charlotte Nevins, Seth Hogue

Robert "Twaz" Thompson Memorial Award: Erin Austin Seth Hogue

CPP Hawks Booster Award in memory of Shelly McGannon: Charlotte Nevins Seth Hogue

CPP Hawks Booster Club Robert Crandall Perseverance: Abigail Dejneka Bernard Smith III (AKA: Trey Smith)

Senior athletes that were presented scrolls included: Trisha Bhatia, Jon Adams, Erin Austin, Louis Bjerkestrand, Ethan Banks, Darien Beall, Kennedy Blancowe, Cory Bigelow, Angela Collins, Stefany Booker Quinn Bowler, Abigail Dejneka, Kiely Caulfield, Austin Callahan, Elizabeth Green, Chloe Chervenic, Borna Eshraghi, Claire Mason, Gianna Chicarielli, Kia Eshraghi, Charlotte Nevins, Talia Christiansen, Bo Farrell, Abigail Perry, Dorinda Clark, Ja’Ovian Fisher, Rachel Rebis, Mia Colonna, Tyrus Friedrichsen, Cerena Crowl, Elon Friends, Elizabeth Daugherty, John Furstoss, Riley Davis, Edward Gigliotti, Torrey Jacobsen-Evans, Sarah Dinardo, Seth Grottenthaler, Steven Segal, Chandler Erway, Anas Hassan, Otto Sutton, Elora Ferrie, Collin Hauptman, Max Thibault, Nicole Fesetch, Michael Hoffman-Bellucci, Blake VanWoert, Kristin Hauptman, Seth Hogue, Lucy Hilker, Alex Hoover, Chelsea Holton, Duncan Howard, Natalie Houston, Kyle Jankowski, Kelsey Johnson, Ethan Kang, Vanessa Kelly, Cameron Kenefick, Frances Mack, Robert Kesterson, Shariah Monahan, Issac Knickerbocker, Gabriella Nares, Erik Kopf, Louise Nordquist, Mitchell Koralewski, Leah Palmesano, Harrison Lynch, Lorren Perry, Joseph Ott, Jessica Pesansky, Gabriel Palacio, Kayla Pratt, Raphael Palacio, Taylor Roberts, Domenic Palumbo, Hayle Schack, Jacob Riker, Josephine Schelling, Mike Roe, Sadie Sharkey, Chris Rossi, Jayla Skeete, Garrett Sakona, Amy Smith, Caleb Savona, Esha Soni, Adarsh Singh, Siobhan Stone, Bernard (Trey) Smith, Olivia Tanneberger, Albert Song, Alyssa Tenny, Tyler Thomas, Emily Vandelinder, Adesh Tiwari, Danica Wakeman, Jacob Townsend, Nicole Wendlant, Derek Tucker, Jazlynn White, Mercedes Wilson, Isabella Wray, Damian VanEttan, Clayton Vaughn, Cyrus Walker, Lewis Wightman, Alex Winsor, Justin Wise, Drew Witham and Zach Wood.

Pictured is Corning senior swimmer Domenic Palumbo with Corning-Painted Post Athletic Director Damian Saks.