Unless a heavily used area of a home is carpeted, or most or all rooms are carpeted, investing in carpet cleaning equipment is not necessary, asserted homefloorexperts.com.

Do the math: If the cost of occasionally renting is less expensive over the long run than purchasing and maintaining carpet cleaning equipment, renting is the way to go.

However, homefloorexperts.com does pinpoint the drawbacks of renting a carpet cleaning machine:

• Machine may not be properly maintained
• Time is limited on how long the machine can be rented
• Renter may bear responsibility of repairing or replacing machine if damage occurs while using
• Loading and unloading the heavy machine into a vehicle may be difficult

Consumer Reports in a “Rent, Hire, or Buy?” report pointed out that renting a carpet cleaning machine should cost less than $100, while hiring a professional to clean typically costs a minimum of $100 and generally around $250.

In February, Consumer Reports spotlighted quality machines that range in price from a little over $100 to around $500; yet these are seven of Consumer Reports’ before-purchase considerations:

1. Does it remove embedded dirt and stains without leaving a trail of water or a soggy area?
2. Is a hose necessary for carpeted stairs; and is a hose long enough?
3. Is it so loud that hearing protection is necessary?
4. Can the equipment be carried and maneuvered when filled with the solution?
5. Will the equipment operate with any solution, or does it require the manufacturer’s carpet cleaning solution?
6. Are the settings and accessories necessary, easy to use, etc.?
7. Is the system easy to clean and maintain?

If a carpet cleaning machine is needed specifically because of pets, bestcarpetcleanerreview.net insisted in its 2020 analysis that different models should be reviewed with such questions in mind as: Does it have a system to get rid of urine smell and pet odor? Can it handle the tough stains left by pets?